Website Audit Service

If your website isn't ranking as highly as your competitors for keywords and phrases important to your business, is slow to download and has a high bounce rate then our website audit service is for you!

We will carry out a complete and detailed analysis of your website from both a technical and content perspective to identify changes which will improve search engine rankings, page loading times and visitor retention.

Technical website audit

We will analyse your website HTML source code to find errors in the way your site is built which hinder page ranking.

Technical web audit

Website page speed audit

The speed your website downloads influences how highly Google ranks it. We are experts at optimising site page speed.

Performance audit

Website content analysis

Technical and pagespeed are "backend" audits, our content analysis looks at things relating to the content users see.

Content audit

Off-site ranking factors

We'll audit backlinks and other factors external to your website which affect its Google search engine ranking.

External audit

Technical website audit

Technical website audit - HTML code

A technical audit of your website identifies all of the "behind the scenes" factors which are, or could be, causing it to be ranked lower than your competitors by Google.

These checks delve into the source code of your website, the bits your website visitors don't see, but have a huge effect on page speed and search engine ranking.

We have a background in software design and programming so we are totally at home when we are in the backend of a website looking at code.

By understanding how a website is built, we understand what needs to be done to make it efficient.

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Page speed audit

Testing website page speed

The speed a web page downloads can have a significant effect on both search engine rankings and how long a visitor spends on your website.

Google have indicated page speed is used in its many factors when deciding search engine placement for a website, so ensuring your website loads quickly is a must.

And studies have found that users tend to navigate away from websites which don't download quickly. Don't cause your website visitors to move to your competitors' websites!

We will audit your website to find problems with page speed and tell you how page speed can be improved.

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Website content audit

Analysing website content on a laptop

The technical and page speed aspects of our website audit service focuses on things your website visitors cannot "see". The website content audit looks at the text which they read and the images which they are presented with.

We take a thorough look at your website content and the way it is distributed throughout your website. We look at the amount of content, keyword density, what content is driving conversion and what content could be causing website visitors to move on to a different website.

Sometimes, seemingly small changes to content can yield huge improvements in search engine rankings, website visitor retention and conversion.

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Off-site website audit

Analysing off site website ranking influences

It's not always possible to quickly resolve off-site factors causing low search engine rankings and site authority, but it's important to know what these off-site influences are in order to see what can be done.

We have control over your website content, page speed and how well the website is built. Controlling off-site influences can be more difficult, but these factors should not be ingnored.

We will audit things such as backlinks to your site, social media signals and influencer marketing.

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